Success Story #9: Atlantic City New Jersey Sea Duck Hunt, Josh and Ron

At low tide, an unsuccessful attempt was made to launch near Atlantic City, NJ as the strong west wind gave them a blowout tide. They left the ramp in an attempt to find ourselves more water to launch the boat. A quick ten-minute ride to another location remedied that situation, sort of. With the water level between 10-12 inches, the “Quackstacker” duck boat was lowered into the water, only to run aground as the water level continued to lower once again.

Having missed the opportunity set sail, they used the next two hours to watch the sun come up, get acquainted with one another, and tell stories. Their guide, John Bollmann, is a Master Taxidermist and President of Garden State Taxidermy Association. John’s good friend and fellow co-worker, Scott, joined. Both men put on a terrific hunt for both Josh and Ron. Mallards, Mergansers, Buffleheads, Bluebills, and Brant sounding off and flying in all directions. The temperature was near 30 degrees with a blustery wind to content with.

Everyone was able to fire shots, harvest birds, and gain new friendships. We won’t talk about the misses, jam-ups, or ones that “got away.” A special thanks to John Bollmann and Scott for their hard work and generosity preparing this trip, setting up, and taking down! This trip was fun, exciting, and memorable! Two great men!

P.S. John dropped a bombshell on Josh and Ron…informing them that he was going to mount a bird for each man as a little token of his appreciation for the sacrifices they have made.

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