Success Story #7: South Texas Deer Hunt, Brandon and Walter

Well I just wanted to get on here and share with everyone some of the action that we just had at the Purple Heart Ranch in South West Texas this past week. Brandon, Walter and I met up with Josh Kinser of the Military Warriors Support Foundation and stayed at the Purple Heart Ranch for 5 days of hunting action.  This year was a bit of a drought year in Texas and right before we headed down they got some rain making a lot of greenery for the deer to feed on. Then the temps dropped from a high of 72 to a high of 53 the second morning with lows at 33 and the next day we got down to 27 in the morning. Every single buck we shot was all swollen up and soaked to the hoof with stink! One buck I shot was chasing does and the first buck that Brandon shot was in the mesquite on a doe for an hour before he poked his head out and chased her toward the blind before he took a .308 round! We ended up getting a video of Brandon’s first buck and I self-filmed both of the bucks I shot along with a doe kill as well, they will be edited and posted later on! We shot tons of deer, some hogs and even coyotes down there and saw some turkeys and javelina that got smoked as well!!!

This was one of the best hunts I have ever been on, it was so great to share stories and listen to some of our Nation’s Heroes that have sacrificed so much for our Freedoms.  I am so glad to have teamed up with the Military Warriors Support Foundation to pull of such an amazing hunt for our Purple Heart Recipients. Josh Kinser and his whole crew of men down there are running the ranch and an even cooler program. Please forgive me if I forget any names but I wanted to say thanks to Josh, Roger, Lewis, Bryce and Johnny for the hospitality and also to Walter and Brandon for coming along to hunt!!!

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