Success Story #6: Washington Duck Destruction, Brian and Chris

Brian (U.S. Air Force) and his buddy Chris (U.S. Air Force Purple Heart recipient), and waterfowl guide Wade Finley of Tacoma, Washington set out for a two day duck hunting trip just before midnight on the 2nd of December 2011. After four hours of driving, they arrived at a location on the Columbia River just North of the Oregon border. It was around 19 degrees as the three of them began putting on their waders. Just as they started putting the boat in another truck pulled up and they knew they had to hurry if they wanted to secure our spot on the river. As they pulled into the small cove where they were going to set up the decoys they had to get out of the boat and walk it in due to the shallow depth of the water. They set out the decoys, ran the boat into the cattails, pulled up the blind and anxiously waited for shooting time to start! As they patiently waited and discussed tactics, they had multiple mallards landing and swimming amongst the decoys. One minute after shoot time, they had a single green head come into the spread from directly in front of them and Chris dropped it with a single shot. A few seconds later another green head came in from left to right, which Brian quickly handled. They continued to shoot birds until they had six drake Mallards and one hen in the boat! This was Chris’s first duck ever and Brian’s first green head ever!

After the action slowed down, they ended up calling it a day to get some much needed rest. After packing up, they drove approximately two hours North to stage for the second day. Just as they had did the morning prior they were out on the water breaking ice and setting up the decoys well before first light. Again, they had another solid couple of hours of non-stop action, dropping five Gadwall, three Mallards, two Geese and one Teal! The Geese were a first for both Chris and Brian as well. They would like to thank Wade Finley for the great time he showed them and the professionalism he displayed and for supporting the troops and Hunters Helping Heroes.


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