Success Story #5: New Jersey Carp Bowfishing, Christina and Sabrina

This offer got started when a man named Glenn had called me after seeing my interview with Tracy Penn in the UBNJ Track & Trails magazine earlier this year and offered up some spots on his 19′ fully outfitted carp boat the “Night Prowler”. I quickly began my search for some heroes that would enjoy a good carp shoot and got hooked up with Christina who is a prior Active Duty Army MP who deployed in support of the Gulf War, later joined the Army Guard and just now enlisted into the NJ Air National Guard. Also along for the ride was Sabrina who is an Active Duty Security Forces troop out of McGuire Air Base here in NJ and she is preparing to deploy in November so she is trying to get her hunting in while she can!

Getting out on the boat was such a great time; the ladies shot at tons of fish, at some venison meatloaf sandwiches that Glenn’s wife had prepared for us. We had so much fun that by the time we had inquired on the time it was almost 3:30 a.m. I just wanted to give a big thanks to Glenn for offering to take us out and for his buddy Ron who came along and helped us out with the rigs and guiding us through the sometimes knee deep water!!! And a bigger thanks to Christina and Sabrina for helping this great country of ours stay safe and free!


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