Success Story #49: New Jersey Snows for 7 Vets!

Our great South Jersey supporters did it for us once again, not once but twice in the last week they hosted a big snow goose hunt for Hunters Helping Heroes. We got out 7 veterans (active, retired and medically retired) on Monday. Despite the cold weather and all the snow, everyone worked hard to clear snow and put out the full bodies…next thing you know the pile of birds starts to grow and grow and grow until we hit 73!!! We took a nice group shot because some of folks had to leave around noon…the rest of us stayed in the blind for a few more hours catching flocks cruise by as we stacked another 20 birds up…two more of use left and one retiree remained for the entire day finishing it out with nearly 120 birds face down in the snow!!!! We ate like kings out there on Mike’s goose jerky and chili…had coffee and doughnuts in the morning to keep toasty and energized. I just can’t say enough about how hard these guys have worked to put these true American heroes on birds the last two seasons putting on multiple events a year!!!!


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