Success Story #45: Maryland 2-Vet Waterfowl 2013 (Round 3)

Hunt #3 this season hosted by John Littleton in Maryland for two more fine American heroes!

A write up by John about the three day hunt during January 2014:

Matt & Ron were stationed together at one point in their careers and became close personal friends. Both fought in Iraq and were discharged as wounded warriors with Purple Hearts. Matt still works with the Army as a civilian employee. This hunt had a lot of ‘firsts’ – Ron had never shot a bufflehead, Matt had never hunted waterfowl, and of all our donated hunts I had never been skunked!

Day One – The weather was so bad and changed so much I couldn’t get the boat back to the ramp we put in and had to go to another ramp, call for a ride back to the truck, go back and get the guys, dog and boat. And to boot the birds weren’t anywhere! So to make up for the bad day I gave the guys their goody bag.

Day Two – The weather wasn’t going to cooperate in the morning to go out on the big water of the Chesapeake so we proceeded to the Pocomoke River. There we were able to manage the art of duck hunting! We took Mallards and Woodies. Later in the afternoon we went to a sheltered area of Tangier Sound and took some buffies and mergansers.

Day Three – Doug (aka Bombman) and his friend Rocky hosted us on a goose hunt in Centreville where we were able to shot limits of geese with a bonus snow goose that was in the right place at the wrong time, thank you for a great time!

Ironically, Ron’s wife wanted him to get a mallard but he ended up with a Wood Duck instead and Matt got the mallard, both birds are at the taxidermist right now for a donated mount by McNamara’s Taxidermy for the second year in a row!

I’ve been asked if I felt uncomfortable taking strangers duck hunting in my boat and I said they’re not strangers they were fellow military veterans. But after three days of extreme duck hunting we also became friends.

I also want to thank this year’s veterans, Justin & Scott, Jake & Brian, Matt & Ron, that went with me this year for the scrapple sandwiches, (even if you didn’t know what scrapple was!) oatmeal pies, dinners and for starting my challenge coin collection.

We would like to thank HEVI-Shot, Sean Mann for the personally signed goose flutes, Mike Stelzner of C&S Custom Calls for the custom HERO duck calls, McNamara’s Taxidermy in Lima, Ohio for the two mounts, again this year, Christopher Fazio of Webbed Designs for the lanyards, and Woodsie from the Chesapeake Forum.

Thank you again to all those who helped support this hunt and any of our other hunts, a massive thanks to John Littleton for helping organize all of these like a champ so that I do not have to be involved in every facet of it, I trust John fully and completely to speak for me and on behalf of Hunters Helping Heroes, Inc.



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