Success Story #44: Maryland 4-Vet Geese and Sea Ducks with Josh Neuwiller (World Champion Caller)

World goose calling champion Josh Neuwiller took out a crew of 4 Combat-Wounded members for a little Maryland waterfowling. They started off the morning targeting geese and once the flight was over the hit the water in search of sea ducks. They ended the day with 5 canadas, a bunch of old squaw and a hand full of scoter. The men thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great time getting out of Walter Reed for the day!!! A huge thanks to Josh and Sean Mann for helping out our great American heroes and Hunters Helping Heroes along with our good buddy Mike Stelzner sending down some more fantastic HERO calls thanks to C&S Custom Calls!!!!

 IMG_0128 IMG_0123 IMG_0118 IMG_0110 IMG_0108

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