Success Story #4: New Jersey Striper Fishing, Andrew

Well Brian of Blitz TV has been planning a joint Blitz and Hunters Helping Heroes striper trip for the season…the conditions for Sunday were supposed to be perfect (ended up choppy and overcast but extremely productive). Brian, Buddy and I got to bring along SSgt Andrew Floan of the United States Air Force for this epic trip. SSgt Floan just arrived back in the states after being stationed in Japan for the last 4 years and was even there to battle the TSUNAMI Disaster. We had fish on the lines non-stop all day long, they were crushing our bunker left and right, blowing up the top and we left them still biting after our arms were sore…we ended up with letting over 30 fish go back in the water as we were keeping the big boys…our limit consisted of fish in the mid to high 30s a few in the low 40s and Buddy crushed a slob of a bass tipping the scales at just over 48 pounds!!! I cannot even explain the non-stop action we had, it was on fire and hands down the best day I have ever had fishing for anything!!! A major thanks to the Blitz team for sponsoring and supporting Hunters Helping Heroes and more specifically our men and women in uniform!!!

IMG_1369 IMG_1376


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