Success Story #33: Cape May, New Jersey for Jeremy, Mike and Steve

Roger Leith Jr. reached out to us not long ago and was hoping to take some guys on a fishing trip out of Cape May, New Jersey. We lined him up with 3 Active Duty Army members (Jeremy, Mike and Steve) on 27 July and they had a good day of fishing. The fluke fishing was nonexistent so they hooked up to a couple different wrecks and caught quite a few sea bass with some keepers in the mix. All together the guys caught 7 different species of fish including…. Fluke, Sea Bass, Sea Robin, Skate, Eel, Tautog and Tinker Mackerel and Roger said he had a blast taking these guys out!

Roger had seen an article we had published in The Fisherman Magazine a few months back and e-mailed us immediately to offer up a class act trip on his 23.5’ center console and said, “I would like to give back to our veterans or wounded warriors in some way and this is what came to mind”

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