Success Story #3: New Jersey Goose Hunt, Joe, Chad, Shane and John

Well our local New Jersey goose season was coming to and end and having just gained access to a local field last week I quickly gathered up a few local heroes with high hopes. With snow on the ground still, I took out with me three McGuire Air Force Base individuals and 14 year old Chad Martinek from Success Story #2 pictured above got to tag along as well. It was an amazing day sitting in the ground blinds listening to the stories that these men shared between one another and it did not hurt that we all limited out. To add a huge BONUS to the hunt, Chad shot his first ever banded goose with a neck band and I (Ryan Miller) shot my first banded bird as well, it sported a neck and foot band. As if to say that it was meant to be, my neck band number was RM24 (my initials)!!! I was sorry to see the season close with only just getting access to this hot spot, I hope that I can convince the farmer to allow HHH back for many years to come. Thank you for the awesome day gentlemen and I hope you all enjoyed the hunt as much as I did, it is a day that I will never forget.

double band

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