Success Story #29: New Jersey Square Circle Bay Fishing Tournament, Kyle, Nathan and Cole

Square Circle donated 3 slots in their annual Cape May fishing tournament and Scott and Will took the men out, Scott wrote this:

My buddy Will and I had a great day yesterday with some of the best weather and sea conditions you could ask f…or. We took three active duty USAF out on my boat for a day of fun fishing. The men signed on with us with us through the Hunters Helping Heroes program. We were taking part in a fun tournament that is run by my sportsmen’s club. The men had a great time and were treated like royalty back at our club weigh-ins. All three are stationed at McGuire and are air traffic controllers on base.

With the flounder fishing in the Cape May area being hit or miss right now, I decided to target sea bass on some local wrecks. Our tournament had a first, second, and third place for flounder and a first, second and third place for mixed bag sea bass, weakfish, bluefish or striper. Kyle USAF hooked up in the first two minutes with a nice sea sea bass that one him a second place and $100.00 later that day. Kyle also caught the second biggest as well. USAF Cole and Nathan each had keepers and we ended with 6 nice sea bass taken from 5 different wrecks. Throwbacks outnumbered the keepers by far but kept everybody dropping and reeling all day.

Back at our club weigh-ins, a 2lb bluefish edged Kyle’s 1 lb. 9 oz. sea bass in the mixed bag category. If that blue wasn’t caught we would have had first and third ! Not big fish by any stretch but these men enjoyed every second of the trip. We had a ton of door prizes back at our club and Nathan won a nice fishing rod. One of our members, who also won a rod, gave his to Cole with firm handshake and a thank you for his service. I was very impressed with the number of our club members that came up to the men to talk to them and thank them for their service to our country.

I filleted all the fish and gave them to the men and I also gave them 2 lbs of fresh flounder fillets that my son Mike caught Thursday night in Great Bay.
Kyle made my day when he said to Will and I at the end of the barbecue, “Wow, this really exceeded all of my expectations, thank you.”
It was a true honor to help the hunters Helping Heroes organization and I will continue to push our membership to get involved. Cole said he would love to catch a striper and take a bear before he leaves NJ and I will see what I can do about that. We have a similar striper tournament in October and I am sure we can get Cole some other men on board for that.

Here are some pics of some happy young men. Look at the calm seas and blue sky, it doesn’t get much better than that. USAF Kyle originally from Carlisle Pa. USAF Nathan originally from West Virginia. USAF Cole originally from Indiana. I would encourage everyone here to get involved with the organization. They have a website and Facebook page. I stress to our club members that the fishing and hunting trips that you might be able to offer don’t have to be world class hunts or fishing trips. A little fun fishing off Cape May, a barbecue and some camaraderie certainly made for a great memorable day yesterday.

There is no match for the feeling you will get from helping these servicemen and women who help preserve the way of life we all enjoy everyday.

-Scott Smith

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