Success Story #27: New York Turkey Hunt, Ginati and Leigh

Our two wounded veterans, Ginati and Leigh had a fantastic time with all involved in putting this multi-day hunt together for them up in New York. Charlie Sahanas (Wanaque PD and owner of Sahanas Taxidermy) owns the house with Dave Terpstra Sr. who also helped with the hunt along with his son David Terpstra Jr. (Bloomingdale PD), John Galinus and Charlie Huber (both Wanaque PD) as well as Paul Leentjes who lives in New York and owns Springfield Realty. Ginati was fortunate enough to tag two birds while with Charlie (both on film) and Leigh boogered up a bird as it was strutting in and he got on another bird the next day but unfortunately missed the shot…I cannot say enough thanks to all those who helped make this a first class event for these two men who have given up so much for our Nation. Ginati is also getting a donated turkey mount from Jim Keller of Keller’s Taxidermy out in PA!!!!

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