Success Story #22: Maryland Duck, Goose and Sea Duck Hunts, Jamie and Dan

John Littleton of Maryland and I have been trying to coordinate a vet hunt for some time now. This past week everything finally came together and he hosted 2 vets for a 3-day hunt down in MD and this is what he had to say:

“I got Jamie and Dan out by boat on Monday went to the Pocomoke River and got 2 Mallards. I cooked the guys up hamburgers on the boat. Next went to Crisfield and set up in the open water hoping for some sea ducks. Had no luck at that even let them walk the beach hoping to jump up some ducks. Called it a day at 2:30 .Tuesday took them to a private farm to hunt out of shore blinds. We hunted almost all day there. They got 3 green wing teal, 2 buffleheads and 1 Ruddy duck. Capt. Jim the land owner had a grill set up. He had hot dogs and I brought tuna steaks and goose wrapped in bacon. Last day went to private farm in Easton for a goose hunt out of a pit. We got 9 geese there and the men were pumped up. After the hunt I treated the guys and our host to breakfast. They left to head home around 11:30.”

John and us also reached out to some members that he knows on the RefugeForums and received a donated duck mount for both Dan and Jamie to get on their drake buffies done up!!! Dan and Jamie are military buddies and Dan drove from Ohio to come and hunt. Jamie is a retired USMC 1stSergeant and Purple Heart recipient himself!!! Another big thanks for John hosting this whole thing, Jim of McNamara’s Taxidermy in Ohio for donating the mounts and the men for their service!!!

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