Success Story #20: Oklahoma Duck and Goose Hunt With VooDoo Outfitters, Kyle and Sean

This amazing 3-day guided hunt was donated by George Briscoe of VooDoo Outfitters in Oklahoma for 2 heroes. Kyle drove up from Kentucky and Sean drove down from up in Northern Oklahoma and boy did George put these guys on the birds each and every time they went out. Tons of birds and HEVI-Metal flying meant a lot of birds hitting the ground. We cannot thank George and his crew enough for showing these American heroes such generosity and hospitality!!! Thanks also to the two men Sean and Kyle who helped protect this great Nation of ours!!!

Friday was 21 geese and 10 ducks, one duck was a Eurasian wigeon that Kyle got. Saturday was 20 geese and 7 ducks. Sunday was 18 geese and 6 ducks…

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