Success Story #2: New Jersey Deer Hunt, Kyle

A short visit by Kyle Herman of the United States Air Force only gave us one shot to help him harvest his first ever deer and add his name to our success story list. Kyle’s intention was to make his harvest using a compound bow, but a recent shoulder surgery after returning from a deployment has forced him into using crossbow equipment for this season. Kyle and Ryan Miller of the Outdoors Addiction team got situated on a hillside overlooking a major bedding area with high hopes of catching some evening movement. No sooner than they had climbed up the tree did two yearling bucks show up, the equipment was sneakily hauled up the tree and set up as the deer moved around no more than 20 yards away. Shortly after, a small group of deer made their way closer as Kyle picked the two mature does from the group. A few small branches were in the way of a shot so Kyle sat anxiously and began playing the waiting game. The biggest doe finally made the mistake of giving a clear 27 yard shot to Kyle as he sent the Grim Reaper tipped bolt in for a perfect double lung shot. This harvest was not only Kyle’s first deer, but Ryan Miller got side by side in the tree to catch the whole thing on film.



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