Success Story #16: New Jersey Sea Duck Hunt, Cole and Larry

We got to do a little NJ duck hunting in the bay with a local Vet who supports Hunters Helping Heroes. Curry took us all out to dinner Friday night and put us in the Marriott and took care of us all day with food and a fantastic hunt…We had a great time with Cole May from the Air Force and Larry A Draughn Jr. USMC (Ret.) shooting was slow in the morning with the fog and when we saw birds they were on top of us…we headed in and were treated to lunch at a local diner and then headed back out… that afternoon we sat and crushed more Brant and a few more buffies all under none other than HEVI-Metal 3” #3 shot…what a great day!!!

DSC_0709 DSC_0690 DSC_0680DSC_0721

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