Success Story #1: New Jersey Deer Hunt, Chad

At only 14 years old we have Chad Martinek who makes the success story list with his first ever archery deer harvest after a long two year wait. Chad is son to local hero Joe Martinek of the United States Air Force serving at McGuire Air Force Base here in Central New Jersey. Joe and Chad had been working hard on getting Chad his first harvest for the last two seasons, coming close to sealing the deal but never getting to let an arrow fly. We decided immediately to put Chad in a tree on a local farm with a good number of mature does showing up on the trail camera during daylight hours. We had a great time watching birds and ground hogs mill around before a mature doe and two button bucks showed up on the set. Chad patiently waited for the doe to present the perfect slightly quartering away shot when he put the Nockturnal lit arrow into the kill zone at 17 yards. In addition to taking his first deer, Ryan Miller of the team was in the tree alongside Chad filming the entire experience.

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