Success Story #19: New Jesey Sea Duck Action, Jason and Chris

Here are a few shots from our 2 day hunt New Jersey bay hunt…on day #1 William Mills a local NJ supporter took out USMC vets Chris and Jason for some action!!! They ended the morning with two drake buffies, a hen broadie and a hen old squaw. On day #2, the Hunters Helping Heroes Secretary Chris Fazio and I got Jason back out on some more ducks bagging a nice drake broadie and a drake wigeon. I…

Success Story #20: Oklahoma Duck and Goose Hunt With VooDoo Outfitters, Kyle and Sean

This amazing 3-day guided hunt was donated by George Briscoe of VooDoo Outfitters in Oklahoma for 2 heroes. Kyle drove up from Kentucky and Sean drove down from up in Northern Oklahoma and boy did George put these guys on the birds each and every time they went out. Tons of birds and HEVI-Metal flying meant a lot of birds hitting the ground. We cannot thank George and his crew enough for showing…

Success Story #21: New Jersey Late Season Goose Hunt, Joey and Buddy

We have a couple of waterfowling buddies in Southern New Jersey who have been dying to get some vets on some birds. We took Buddy and Joey down there and met up with John and Mike this morning for a little late season goose action. It was a cold morning and we had to wait a while for the birds to move but when they did we cut em’ down. We decided to pull an all dayer and hoped to limit out in t…

Success Story #22: Maryland Duck, Goose and Sea Duck Hunts, Jamie and Dan

1stSgt Jamie Andries, USMC (Ret.) and veteran Dan enjoyed a 3-day Maryland waterfowl hunt where time was spent shooting geese, puddle ducks and even some sea…

Success Story #5: New Jersey Carp Bowfishing, Christina and Sabrina

This offer got started when a man named Glenn had called me after seeing my interview with Tracy Penn in the UBNJ Track & Trails magazine earlier this year and offered up some spots on his 19′ fully outfitted carp boat the “Night Prowler”. I quickly began my search for some heroes that would enjoy a good carp shoot and got hooked up with Christina who is a prior Active Duty Army MP who…

Success Story #4: New Jersey Striper Fishing, Andrew

Well Brian of Blitz TV has been planning a joint Blitz and Hunters Helping Heroes striper trip for the season…the conditions for Sunday were supposed to be perfect (ended up choppy and overcast but extremely…

Success Story #3: New Jersey Goose Hunt, Joe, Chad, Shane and John

Well our local New Jersey goose season was coming to and end and having just gained access to a local field last week I quickly gathered up a few local heroes with high hopes.

Success Story #2: New Jersey Deer Hunt, Kyle

A short visit by Kyle Herman of the United States Air Force only gave us one shot to help him harvest his first ever deer and add his name to our success story list.

Success Story #1: New Jersey Deer Hunt, Chad

At only 14 years old we have Chad Martinek who makes the success story list with his first ever archery deer harvest after a long two year wait.

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